We are grateful to our graphic designer Martin Smit for his outstanding work creating the layout of this book and producing the hiking maps. We are also thankful to the members of the editorial board for proofreading and critiquing drafts of the guidebook: Mike and Terri Scadron, JoAnn Bordeaux, Judy Macaluso, Thomas Carson, Andrea Conrad, Fran Paver, Dan Pelletier, Claire Brennan, Paulette Fried, Prof. Bill Kosar, Jane Mahoney and Chris Lehmann.

A special thanks goes out to Michael Green and other board members of the Day Hiking Club for allowing us to explore many hiking destinations in the company of outstanding people.

We would like to thank Brian McCotter, Susan Smith, Queen Mohale and Penny Ndlela for joining us on numerous hiking trails.

We would also like to thank you, the users of this book. By purchasing this book, you not only make it possible for us to develop more hiking guides but more importantly, by hiking in South Africa, exploring its beauty and interacting with its communities, you substantially contribute to the sustainable development of the country.

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