We classify the trails in the guidebook either as a wildlife or nature hike/walk. A trail can be easy, moderately difficult or best suited for advanced hikers.

Wildlife Hikes/Walks

The wildlife hikes and walks in the guidebook are in reserves where you may see zebras, antelopes, ostriches, and wildebeests from the hiking trail. Some reserves have giraffes. Although not all reserves have all these species in stock, we classify a trail as a wildlife hike/walk if we know wildlife is in the reserve, although wildlife viewings are not guaranteed.

Nature Walks

A trail described as a nature walk in this guide means you may see small mammals, warthogs, and monkeys on a good day.


These trails are appropriate for the novice hiker. They are usually short and easy to follow along a track or road with an abundance of trail signs and rest stops. Grades are gentle and relatively few obstacles will be encountered. If you can shop for one to two hours in a shopping mall, you should physically be able to enjoy these trails. Most trails in this guidebook are classified as easy.


These trails are appropriate for intermediate through advanced hikers. The terrain is steeper and/or the trail is relatively long with fewer rest stops. You need to be able to walk 6 to 10 kilometers or more to enjoy these trails, even when they are shorter as you may be in steep terrain.


These trails are recommended for experienced hikers only. Terrain may be difficult and steep, and routes are not always obvious. You should be able to navigate and must be self-reliant. You need to be in good shape physically and be well-prepared. Going for the first time to the gym a few days prior to the hike after months of being a couch potato, in the hope you can easily hike these trails, may not do the trick. Most advanced trails are in the Magaliesberg Mountain Range. These are often short but on steep and difficult terrain. Combined with serious altitude differences, they are rewarding, but hard work, even for the physically fit.


It is a sign of courage and wisdom to return to base if the experience of hiking becomes unpleasant and exhausting. Call it a day and return to the car with someone to relax while others finalize the trail. Hiking is not a rat race. Follow your own tempo, enjoy the scenery and nature. There is no reason to hike beyond your capabilities.